Descale your Nespresso Pixie machine

Author avatarAlexiane Philip | Last edit 7/06/2019 by Alexiane being drafted

Learn to descale your Nespresso Pixie coffee machine.

Step 1 - Turn your Pixie machine on

Step 2 - Prepare your Pixie machine

Before you start, remember to eject the capsule.

Empty the capsule tray.

Empty the drip tray as well.

Step 3 - Place a container of about 1L under the coffee outlet

Step 4 - Fill the tank

Add 500 mL of water to the tank.

Then add the Nespresso descaler.

Step 5 - Activate the descaling mode

To do that, wait until both buttons no longer blink.

Once both buttons no longer blink and remain on, press them simultaneously for 3 seconds.

The two buttons then start flashing more quickly: the descaling mode is activated.