Descale your Nespresso Pixie machine

Author avatarAlexiane Philip | Last edit 7/06/2019 by Alexiane under review

Step 1 - Turn your Pixie machine on

Step 2 - Prepare your Pixie machine

Before you start, remember to eject the capsule.

Empty the capsule tray.

Empty the drip tray as well.

Step 3 - Place a container of about 1L under the coffee outlet

Step 4 - Fill the tank

Add 500 mL of water to the tank.

Then add the Nespresso descaler.

Step 5 - Activate the descaling mode

To do that, wait until both buttons no longer blink.

Once both buttons no longer blink and remain on, press them simultaneously for 3 seconds.

The two buttons then start flashing more quickly: the descaling mode is activated.

Step 6 - First flow

Press the 'big cup' button to start.

Wait until the liquid flows into the container you have placed.

Once the flow is complete, refill the tank with the used mixture.

Step 7 - Second flow

Replace the container under the coffee outlet.

Repeat Step 4, letting the entire descaling solution flow as before.

Step 8 - Rince

Empty and rinse the water tank.

Step 9 - Third flow

Replace the water tank and fill it with clean water.

Place the container under the coffee outlet one last time.

Press the 'big cup' button to empty the tank of its contents.

Step 10 - Empty and rinse the drip tray

Step 11 - Put an end to the descaling mode

Simultaneously press both buttons for 3 seconds to exit the descaling mode.

Your Pixie coffee machine is ready to use.