Photometric Measurement

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Perform a photometric measurement at the FTTH network subscriber's home.
5 minute(s)
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Step 1 - Switch on and configure the device

After switching on the device, check and set the measuring wavelength to 1490 nm, the wavelength of the downlink flow, if necessary.

Set the unit of measurement to dBm as stipulated in the operators' procedures.

Step 2 - Connecting the equipment

Use the optical garter that connects the optical terminal socket (OTS) to the customer's optical fibre box (OFB) to perform the measurement.

Clean the surface of the optical connectors at the first end of the garter and OTS with a cleaning pen. Connect the optical garter to the OTS. Proceed in the same way for the connector at the other end and connect it to the photometer.

Step 3 - Reading the signal strength

The measurement of the optical power is read directly from the photometer.

The value should generally be between -16 dBm and -24 dBm.

After the measurement, connect the garter to the customer's box (or at the test OFB).